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Aug 20, 2013 5:00am EDT
kiosks. >>> [no audio] >>> according to reports filed by the daily beat the obama administration is still not calling the unrest in egypt a military coo. however, the decision has been made to quote reprogram funding to the country. under america law should it be declared a coo it would be illegal for the u.s. to restore any financial aid until democratic government was established. while it sounds like semantics, designating the money is being programmed here. it allows the administration wiggle room to decide funding. it's been 6 weeks since they removed the country's president morsi. as for the affairs right now cairo remains under a a state of emergency. a dusk till dawn curfew is in place. >>> there will be an invest into the deadly trench collapse in anne arundel county. a 25-year-old man was digging a hole to put up a deck. he was about 9 feet down digging the footers on leyton lane. >>> our 2013 coverage, congressman andy harris will listen to concerns. he's hosting a town hall meeting in fruit land. he will answer questions about the work he's doing in washington. he represents m
Aug 9, 2013 5:00am EDT
the curtis bay coast guard station. >>> later today, prz obama is ex-- president obama is speced to sorn-- expected to sign a bill to slash interest rates on student loans. the white house says the plans will save millions of students for an average of 1500 dollars on loans they take out for school this year. >>> time to stalk sports. 6 minutes after 5 -- time to talk sports. 6 minutes after 5. the ravens blasted the bucs 44-16 in the preseason opener. runningback pierce scored a touchdown backup quarterback taylor threw two scores. so up next they are going to be playing the falcons at m and t bank stadium on thursday. ravens fans mark this date on your calendar, november 24th. that's the day you will be able to see new hall of famer jonathan ogden get his hall of fame ring. yesterday he tweeted out this, can't wait to receive my hall of fame ring at ravens no 24th game. that game is a sunday at 1:00 versus the new york jets. >>> all right. it's about time to shout play ball in aber done because the 14th ash aberdeen because the 14th annual-- aber dean because the 14th annual cal r
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2